Private taxi overland transfer between Siem Reap to Kratie.
I Am Cambodia Taxi teamwork offer the smoothly transfer with the suitable price. The journey between Kratie and Siem Reap such a good choice of enjoying the daily lives on the roads. The tourists can book our transportations from Kratie back to Siem Reap advance then do payment on arrival cash, The passengers will satisfy at the time of booking with personal services, Who owned the vehicles, We have learned our country very well, We are the safe, reliable chauffeurs bring door to the door. The travelers hop at the back of our private drivers with confidence as one of experience of roads well.
The trip from Siem Reap to the town of Kratie takes 7-8 hours to travel on road #6 then offer to Thom Thmor and Cham Khar Leur then take the ferry across the Mekong to Krouch Chmar commune. Then Chlong to the city center of Kratie the famous of Irrawaddy river dolphins.