12 to 15 days explore Cambodia Country that starts from Phnom Penh.

Day 1: Phnom Penh Airport Arrival.

pick up from airport to the hotel and do a short tour in Phnom Penh depending on time permits. 

Evening explores the riverside royal front attractive garden Wat Phnom and diner riverside view. 

Day 2: Tour to Phnom Penh Attractions

 Phnom Penh City tour starts in the morning for Royal Palace, silver pagoda, the king and his royal family residence that build in 1866 former king Norodom. National Museum, the red roof with Khmer style decoration build during the French period and its largest collection of Cambodia Country all statute have displayed from pre-Angkor, Angkor and post-Angkor period. Most of the statue related to Hindu religion. Independence monument the victory monument build in 1958 to celebrate Cambodia gain independence from French. Toul Sleng Genocide museum S 21 the former high school than Khmer Rouge converted to prison to detain the education person, wearing glasses, speaking a foreign language, the person who Khmer rouge suspected to CIA of America and KGB for Russian that including his own official. The killing field the place where Khmer rouge executes the victim that brings from S 21. And shopping for the market you can choose (central market or Russian market)

Day 3: Phnom Penh Kratie overland view and driving tours

Depart to Kratie by a stop at Skun to see spider market than Kompong Cham for ancient temple Kohak Kokor and bamboo Bridge than continue the trip to Kratie sleep 1 night.

Day4: Explore Kratie

The morning starts to explore new experiences Wat Sosor Mouyroy 100 pillar temple, Mekong dolphins and Phnom Sambok than back to rest at the hotel.

Day 5: Kratie to Mondulkiri

Morning start trip to Mondulkiri to explore natural forest (sea forest) and waterfall (Bou Sra waterfall) sleep at the hotel.

Day6 Next day start morning tracking with the elephant in the forest with wildlife alliance than back to the hotel. Morning start trip to Ratanakiri to explore the amazing lake Yak Lorm Lake than back to hotel Next day get up in morning exploring the life of minority at the market, what they sell in morning markets than go to the village to see how is their lifestyle also see the cemetery area than back to the hotel.

Day 7 Morning start the long trip to Sra Em we can stop to visit the massive waterfall Sopheakmitt than go straight to hotel in Sra Em.

Day 8 Next day morning explore the temple on the top of mountain this temple so amazing because it lies on the top of the hill and was listed to the world heritage, we also can the border of Cambodia and Thailand after that back to Siam reap by stop at the pyramid temple Koh Ker the 10 century built by King Jayaraman II than go straight to hotel in Siam Reap.

Day 9 Angkor sunrise at Angkor wat than South Gate Angkor Thom, then Bayon and Royal Palace area than Tapromh also Banteay Kdey (you can have lunch at local restaurants near Sras srang) than Krovann temple than back to the hotel (note small circles)

Day 10 Morning after breakfast go for Preah Khan than Preah Neak Phon, than Tasorm than east Mebon than Banteay Srey than lunch at local restaurants along the way after lunch, we head back to Pre-rup than back to the hotel (you can go for sunset if time permitted)

Day11 Morning after breakfast depart from hotel to jungle temple being mealea than go for floating villages Kampong Khleang than back to the hotel.

Day 12 After breakfast depart from hotel to battambang you can stop at silk Farm than go straight to Battambang arrive at hotel check in than go phnom sampov for betcave.

Day 13 Explore the battambang area than to banan temple, stop for grabs plantation than to the mountain than back for ancient house than enjoy bamboo train than go to ek phnom temple after that back to hotel.

Day 14 Morning after breakfast depart from hotel to phnom Penh by stop at Kampong chhnang, Andoung Russey village (the village that make Port clay and piggy Bank and other staff that use for everyday life) you were teach by villager how to make the port clay) Than straight to phnom Penh.


Day 15 Depart to airport finish the trip.